Haulage Logistics

Our Fleet

H Sivyer (Transport) Ltd has a long history of providing haulage dating back to the late nineteenth century.

Our own modern fleet comprises of 70 vehicles for the haulage of aggregate, including 30 grab-equipped vehicles for self-loading.

All vehicles are designed for the carriage of waste arisings, and to this effect are equipped with an on-board weighing system. We also utilise a Global Positioning System to provide accurate information regarding any vehicle's whereabouts or journey history.

We believe this is crucial for the collection and carriage of waste wherever it is recycled.

Grab lorries are often used for street works collections, our ability to collect, haul and recycle waste offers a one-stop solution.

An experienced team of Traffic Managers are employed at our head office in Sydenham, London, who are dedicated to the task of ensuring the demands of our customers are met effectively.


H. Sivyer were one of the first companies to fit GPS trackers as a standard item to its vehicles. Thames Water contractors have hired our grab vehicles to distribute multi aggregate products to its gangs on the network. We have been able to provide cost reductions by utilising GPS systems to improve the efficiency of standard work loads. Potential accidents information is unambiguous, staff motivation, clear auditability of vehicle movements have improved a very necessary service. Our contractors insist on hiring vehicles with GPS. Cost savings are hard to quantify, but a bad service is not. We believe this hidden cost savings are significant.