Sivyer place customer care and service ability as a second to none principle in our business attitude. Our history dates back to 1862. Our successes are founded upon key partner agreements throughout our business. As a merchant, this has been vital and we do not compromise our customers, but look to encourage and improve service levels in the manner in which we go to work. Problems will be dealt with immediately and transparently. We commit to improvement schemes and dialogue that will explore new initiatives. Where relevant we will also innovate and where possible cost sharing ideas will be discussed and where practical shared.

H. Sivyer (Transport) have always been interested in new features that offer our clients value for money. A particular innovation has been our policy of using on-board weighing equipment on our waste carrying fleet. Whilst weigh loaders are well known now, less than 30% of new tippers sold are fitted with them. We have been fitting on-board weighing equipment since 1996. The benefits are clear: on waste operations, where material is picked up on sites (most of Thames Water projects for instance), how can value for money be certain where on site weigh bridges do not exist? Answer: without a weigh loader it can not. Guess work is the real answer. Per load pricing is usual in the muck away business. In reality, this means underweight loads are carried to tip. Operators will not overload vehicles knowingly. The fines and penalties are too severe. Underweight loads imply more cost, more vehicle movements and the impact on the environment is greater.